Welcome to the website of the Serbian Student Association

The Serbian Student Association’s vision is to connect Serbian and Swiss-Serbian students in Zurich and Switzerland as well as to foster and improve the reputation of the Zurich and Swiss population of Serbian descent.

To fulfil that vision, the Serbian academic network has set itself the following goals:

  • Organising events of all kinds on a regular basis to promote the exchange amongst Serbian students and academics in the wider area of Zurich and the adjacent regions.
  • Organising informative events on a regular basis to encourage the interest in higher education amongst the Serbian and Swiss-Serbian population.
  • Organising informative events on a regular basis to increase the interest of people with Serbian origin in Swiss public life as well as to increase the Swiss population’s interest in the lifestyle of people of Serbian descent living in Switzerland.
  • Promoting friendships and contacts with students and academics of Serbian descent living abroad.

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