What is the relationship between SSA and OSSI?
OSSI is an important and esteemed partner organisation with which we try to maintain a good relationship and strong ties. SSA sees itself as a member of the bigger OSSI-family. All Serbian students who study in Switzerland can be members of both organisations.
OSSI sees us as a local branch of its global organization and we are very proud of that. However, we want to stress that we are still an independent organisation which can operate autonomously and freely in relation to OSSI. We have our own agenda, our own statutes, and try to play an active part in the Serbian diaspora in Switzerland. Our activities are chosen and realised in the interest of all Serbian students in Switzerland. Nonetheless, our focus lies,
in particular, on those Serbian students who were born in Switzerland and are not just here to study, but also plan to spend their future in Switzerland.
For what does OSSI stand?
The organisation of Serbian students abroad (Serbian: OSSI) is an international, non-profit oriented, nonstate, and apolitical organization which was founded by Serbian students in 1997. Since its founding, the organisation has had the goal to connect Serbian students abroad, to facilitate their return to Serbia, and to portray Serbia to the world in a positive light.
OSSI is led by a committee with a president at its head. OSSI currently counts several thousand members. The organisation and all its activities are coordinated on a global level and in Serbia. To enable a decentralised structure and simpler governance, OSSI appointed eleven national branches which are located in countries with a large number of Serbian students.
At the moment, the following OSSI branches exist:
Countries: OSSI USA / OSSI Australia / OSSI Canada / OSSI Germany / OSSI Switzerland (SSA) / OSSI Bulgaria / OSSI Greece / OSSI Czech-Republic / OSSI Great Britain
Cities: OSSI Paris / OSSI Vienna